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Children's Art Exhibition 2022

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Greentree Montessori’s Children’s Art Exhibition is a creative space aimed at allowing children to showcase their ideas and thoughts utilizing art.


At the Art Exhibition, you will see beautiful art made by the children of Greentree Montessori. Completed at various stages throughout the year, these inspiring creations showcase the amazing natural talent and ability children have in expressing themselves using various means and mediums.  


At school, our children have free access to all art materials. They are also given the freedom of choice, time, and space to create art using any method or format, without instruction and context.


The exhibition’s goal is to allow children and their families to see that “Art is everything” and “Everything is art”. As art transcends language, this exhibition would allow us the opportunity to see the world through the lens and perspectives of our children.


We hope that with this effort, we can bring the community together to celebrate our children’s work, as well as to provide a platform for reflective thoughts, participation, and inclusion.


We look forward to seeing you at the Children’s Art Exhibition!