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Children's Art Exhibition 2022

Greentree Montessori’s Children’s Art Exhibition is an event designed to celebrate the creativity and marvels of children within an inspiring space designed with the goal to allow children to showcase their ideas and thoughts.


At the Art Exhibition, you will see beautiful art made by the toddlers and children of Greentree Montessori. Completed at various stages throughout the year, these inspiring creations showcase the amazing natural talent and ability children have in expressing themselves using a variety of means and mediums.


The goal of this Children’s Art Exhibition is to allow children and their families to see that “Art is everything” and “Everything is art”. Art is known to transcend language and culture, and this exhibition is the perfect opportunity for everyone to see the world through the lens and perspectives of our children.


We hope that with this effort, we can bring the community together to celebrate our children’s work, create a supportive environment for our children to continue creating art spontaneously, and to provide a platform for reflective thoughts, participation, and inclusion through art.

Welcome to Greentree Montessori's Children's Art Exhibition 2022!

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Event Map

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Click on the map above to explore and discover more information about the artworks and their artists within their respective areas and exhibits!

Exhibition Themes

Greentree Montessori’s Children’s Art Exhibition comprises 5 themes, represented by 14 exhibits, and encompasses over 200 children’s artworks. 

This year, our school's learning theme is “Water and Life”.


Through various activities and learning topics revolving around water, our children came to understand that water brings life. With this breakthrough, they discovered other concepts relating to water, such as how water nourishes and allows life to thrive, how it can shape even stone over long periods of time (the concept of perseverance), and how it connects the world by flowing from one region to another (metaphorically symbolizing the flow of time, history, and legacies).

Sharing the same theme, Greentree Montessori's Children's Art Exhibition allowed our children to expand on their understanding of this theme using art. At the exhibition, you can look forward to see fantastic works created by our children. You can also marvel at how they have beautifully conveyed their imagination, creativity, and ideas towards the theme "Be Kind Like Water".

Theme 1


The Origin of Life

Water in the natural environment ensures the sustenance of ecosystems.


Theme 3


The Power of Perseverance

Water can penetrate stone with its persistence, continuity, and repetitiveness.

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Theme 5


The Flow of Love and Legacy

The “flow of water” is metaphorical for putting effort steadily over time. It represents our continuous beauty, love, and sustenance.

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Theme 2


Nourishing Life and Livelihoods

Water in the natural environment ensures the sustenance of ecosystems.


Theme 4

上善若水, 水善不争

Water that Embraces and Transforms

We should learn from water to be humble, tolerant, consistent, and non-controversial.

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