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Home Based Learning Resources

In the international fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, it would sometimes be inevitable that schools be suspended for a period of time at the national level in order to contain the spread of the virus.

These disruptions have however allowed educators the opportunity to explore new perspectives towards learning and to discover new ways to engage children remotely.

In 2020, Singapore closed all schools for a period of 2 months. In that period of time, Greentree Montessori developed a series of home-based-learning videos to support our students remotely and we hope to share these with the community.

Please feel free to enjoy the resources on this page with your young ones!


Greentree Montessori's Learning from HOME series - Season 1

List of Episodes:

Episode 1 - School has closed?

Episode 2* - Things we can do at home!

Episode 3* - How are our pets?

Episode 4 - Animal Yoga

Episode 5* - Creativity with shapes

Episode 6 - Let's exercise

Episode 7* - Birds

Episode 8* - Plants

Episode 9 - Caterpillar Yoga

Episode 10* - Flowers

Episode 11 - Dinosaur Exercise

Episode 12* - Let's find out!

Episode 13* - Finding our balance

Episode 14 - Butterfly Yoga

Episode 15* - Occupations

Episode 16 - Zumba for kids

Note: Episodes with an * represent episodes that are further categorized into age groups.

Although you may watch all the videos created by our team, please allow your child to watch the version appropriate for their age, so that they can gain the most value.