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Programs for Children

Respectful and sensitive care for every individual
Infant Community
2 to 18 Months Old
Catering to the most active period of your child’s development.
Young Initiator
18 Months to 3 Years Old
A resource rich and prepared environment for children. Allowing for freedom to learn how to learn.
Preschool Community
3 to 6 Years Old
Student and after school care program advocating self-directed learning, engaging projects, and personalized learning schedules for children in their primary school years.
Student Care 
6 to 9 Years Old
Mathematics made easy through rich and captivating concrete experiences. Gain the concept of numeracy the way a mathematician would. 
Montessori Mathematics
3 to 9 Years Old
Language enriched with cultural education for profound learning. Enjoy the art of conversation and communication as the focus of language studies. 
Montessori Language
3 to 9 Years Old
Featuring WEEKLY field trips and fascinating exploratory themes. Our holiday programs correspond to the dates of Singapore's primary school holidays.
Holiday Program
3 to 9 Years Old

Programs for the Family

Looking to raise an independent, confident, respectful and intelligent child with ease? This is the parent-child class you have been looking for all along.
Infant & Toddler
Family Class
2 Months to 18 Months Old
Home schooling? Great Idea! Work with our RIE and Montessori Professionals to start your home school dream. 
Coming soon!
Nest Education
2 Months to 18 Months Old
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