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Children's Art Exhibition 2022

Theme 2:


Nourishing Life and Livelihoods





Water is an essential resource required for nourishing life and livelihoods. Water in the natural environment ensures the sustenance of ecosystems. The natural vegetation, animals, and human life all depend on water for existence.


Children like water because the water is smooth and refreshing. Newborns find calmness when in water, older children find laughter when they play with water, individuals who are sweating can feel refreshed when they drink water, and people in the desert would see hope when they see water.


This theme allows children to build a relationship with water. Opportunities were created for children to experience the exquisiteness of water using their five senses through everyday activities. We hope that children will gradually discover for themselves that water has an all-purpose power and should be protected and saved.

Exhibits belonging to Theme 2

Exhibit 3 @ Area 1


The Power of Water

Do not underestimate the power of water. Water can make an imprint wherever it flows.

Exhibit 3.JPG

Exhibit 7 @ Area 2


Mother River

Mother River nourishes the earth.

Exhibit 7.JPG

Exhibit 5 @ Area 2


Beautiful Sceneries

Where water flows, there is life. Where there is life, there is love.

Exhibit 5.JPG

Exhibit 9 @ Area 3


Joyful Childhood

A happy childhood is like water - clear and transparent.

Exhibit 9.jpeg
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