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Meticulously designed for infants from 2 months to 18 months old. Our Infant Program is supported by experienced edu-carers certified in the RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) approach and the Pikler approach.


Within an environment rich in opportunities for movement, discovery and free play, infants can be themselves while receiving one to one attention for their caregiving needs.

Infant Community

2 Months to 18 Months Old

Our Infant Community focuses on the following:

Free Play

  • Practicing respect and freedom 

  • Developing confidence

  • Having autonomous exploration and discovery

  • Boosting attention span

  • Developing self-discipline

Respectful Care-giving

  • Building trusting relationships

  • Having opportunities to participate in all tasks

  • Experiencing reciprocal and responsive care


  • Immersing in language exposure 

  • Building listening skills

  • Receiving quality communication and interaction


  • Developing gross and fine motor skills

  • Developing problem solving skills

  • Becoming accustomed and comfortable to body movements

This program is available at the following location(s):

Greentree Montessori

Children Cottage

  • Half Day Program

  • Full Day Program

Wish to find out more about the RIE and Pikler Approach?

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