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School Bus Service

About the Service

In response to high demand, Greentree Montessori established its very own dedicated school bus service in 2015 to serve the students and families of Greentree Montessori.

The mission of our school bus service is to go above and beyond to ensure every child’s commute is enjoyable and worry-free, while also maintaining high standards of safety, convenience, and hygiene for our young passengers.

Our Trained Drivers and Attendants: 
Not Just Staff, But Members of the Greentree Team.


Our dedicated bus drivers and attendants are more than just transport staff. They are members of the Greentree Team.

Guided by Greentree’s teachers, our drivers and attendants receive specialized training to work adeptly with young children.  This ensures that your child’s commute is not only safe and secure but also an enjoyable extension of our warm, nurturing environment.

Road-safety is paramount to us.

Our seat belts are inspected frequently and replaced at the first sign of fault. Each child is also allocated with their own seat.  In addition to this, our drivers and attendants are trained in the proper use of booster and child seats, ready to provide additional safety measures when necessary.


Further augmenting our commitment to safety, our drivers and attendants are also trained and certified in Child First Aid.

Stepping into a Clean, Sanitized Bus: 
Every Journey, Every Day!


From classrooms to school buses, our commitment to maintaining the highest hygiene standards at Greentree Montessori is unwavering. 

Commencing with temperature checks as each child boards the bus, we prioritize health and safety at every step.

Every frequently touched surface and seats in our school buses are meticulously cleaned and sanitized after each trip.

This is to ensure that every child steps into a fresh, germ-free environment every single trip.


Our school buses are cleaned and disinfected at the conclusion of every trip using professional equipment.

We perform antibacterial wipe-down on high-contact points and use an electrostatic sprayer with food-safe liquid disinfectant.

Always in the Loop: 
Introducing Our Real-Time Bus Tracking App!

Bus App 1.jpg
Bus App 2.jpg

Stay informed and enjoy peace of mind with our innovative School Bus Tracking App! 

Monitor the school bus route, get real-time updates on arrivals, departures, and more, all from the comfort of your home or office. It’s information at your fingertips, for complete peace of mind and transparency of your child’s commute.

At Greentree Montessori, we meticulously optimize our bus routes, focusing on sustainability and efficiency for enduring reliability.

We frequently review our routes, aiming to keep each young passenger’s commuting duration within a comfortable one-hour limit. This approach underscores our commitment to providing the most enjoyable and convenient transit experience for our young passengers.

Enjoy Peace of Mind :
Register for Our Dedicated Preschol School Bus Service Today.

Presently, our school bus only serves the north and northern central areas of Singapore bounded by:

  • Marsiling to the West

  • Punggol to the East

  • Bishan to the South

At Greentree Montessori, we believe in going the extra mile for our children, creating a caring community that extends beyond our classrooms. We strive to make every part of their educational journey - from learning in the classroom to traveling on our bus, a secure, enjoyable, and enriching experience. 


Ride with Us Today!


School Bus Registration Form

School bus service requirements
Which school does your child attend?

Thank you for your submission

Make a Registration Request now!


  • Completing this form does not guarantee your registration.

  • Our team will get in touch with you shortly to confirm your registration request subjected to the availability of seats on the school bus.

  • Information on pick-up / drop-off timings and location will be made available to you after successful registration.

Bus Schedule

School Bus Schedule

Pick up and drop off schedule

Important Information:

  • The school and its transport operators reserve the right to dictate the most convenient pick-up/drop-off point (e.g. closest bus stop) in order to facilitate speedy route movement so as to reduce passenger journey times.

  • The Parent/Guardian is to be present at the arranged pick up/drop off time to send/receive your child. No SMS or call notifications will be given unless unforeseen delays occur.

  • The bus will wait no longer than 10 minutes at the pick-up / drop-off location before leaving.

  • Traveling time might change from time to time due to changes in composition of the group of children on the school bus and/or changes in bus routes. You will be informed should there be significant changes in timings.

  • Should there be no one to pick-up your child after time has elapsed and/or the parent/guardian is uncontactable, your child will be returned to school.

Bus Fares

School Bus Fares


  • The Bus Fare is determined based on the shortest road distance between the school and your address.

  • Fare adjustments (if any) may be made to reflect changes in

    • Operational costs (e.g. fuel prices);

    • Transportation policies; or

    • Traffic rules (e.g. ERP, road diversions) 

Notice for any fare adjustments will be made in writing to you.

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