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Children's Art Exhibition 2022

Art Exhibition Map design - edited to reflect reality_edited.png

Area 3

reailty map4.png

Exhibits in Area 3

Exhibit 8


The Formless Water

Water has no form but has all forms; water has no substance but can contain all things.

Exhibit 8.jpg

Exhibit 10


Fish Enjoying the Water

Fishes and water depend on each other and coexist harmoniously.

Exhibit 10.jpeg

Exhibit 12



A physical representation of teamwork. Many small paintings from children can become a large piece of artwork when put together.

Exhibit 12.JPG

Exhibit 9


Joyful Childhood

A happy childhood is like water - clear and transparent.

Exhibit 9.jpeg

Exhibit 11


The Dancing Leaves

Leaves dancing in the wind all year round.

Exhibit 11.JPG
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