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Children's Art Exhibition 2022

Theme 1:


The Origin of Life

水是生命之源。有水的地方,就有生命。我们都在妈妈的子宫中长大, 浮游其中。呱呱坠地后,我们也是靠着妈妈的奶水长大。水是活命的泉,没有水,动物和植物都无法生存。水能抚育大地上的一切,有水就如有爱,有爱的地方,生命都能幸福地成长。




Water is the source of life. Where there is water, there is life. When in our mother’s womb, we float in liquid. After birth, we drink our mother’s milk, another liquid. Without water, life as we know it would not be possible.


Since water nurtures everything on the earth, water can metaphorically represent love. Where there is love, life will and can flourish.


This theme allowed us to guide children to discover how water is the source of life. In addition, through stories and kind interactions, we discovered the feelings of love and the greatness of water.

Exhibits belonging to Theme 1

Exhibit 1 @ Area 1


Water & Life

Water can appear in different forms. And with every water droplet, life can be nourished.

Exhibit 1.jpeg

Exhibit 10 @ Area 3


Fish Enjoying the Water

Fishes and water depend on each other and coexist harmoniously.

Exhibit 10.jpeg

Exhibit 4 @ Area 2


The Essence of Life

With every change of season, every living thing has a different way to live, grow, and survive. Water is the essence of Life.

Exhibit 4.JPG
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