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Children's Art Exhibition 2022

Theme 3:


The Power of Perseverance






滴水穿石不是奇迹,因为我们都有这种毅力, 尤其是孩子。


Water can penetrate stone with its persistence, continuity, and repetitiveness. This representation is the best example of a display of concentration and perseverance.


A child’s ability to concentrate is something most often misunderstood by adults. From the moment a child is born, he will be able to focus on what appeals to him most with undivided attention. This unique willpower of a human being is what allowed us to continue to pursue and achieve perfection for our goals.


We hope that through this theme, children can be inspired to see how something as small as a drip of water can achieve such a huge impact. In school, we let children pay attention to the smallest details in their environment. Details such as little dents, ants moving, chicken foraging, and spiders weaving their webs. Children will naturally and actively follow these little things that happen daily, and the teacher's job is to follow them without interfering.


It is not a miracle that a drop of water can penetrate stone, because all humans also have this level of perseverance, especially among children.

Exhibits belonging to Theme 3

Exhibit 6 @ Area 2



Perseverance leads to success.

Exhibit 6.jpg

Exhibit 12 @ Area 3



A physical representation of teamwork. Many small paintings from children can become a large piece of artwork when put together.

Exhibit 12.JPG
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