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Forest Fair

Since its inception in 1995, Greentree Montessori's Forest Fair has been a cherished tradition for our children, alumni, and the community. Organized by the children, parents, and teachers of Greentree Montessori, it's a day filled with laughter, fun, and memorable experiences. Attendees from all over Singapore, including both new and returning friends, gather to enjoy each other's company and engage in the rich activities specially crafted for this unique day.

Greentree Montessori’s Forest Fair brings together the inspiration and ideas of children to showcase their best creations, workmanship, and enterprising spirit to the community. The fair offers a range of activities, including dining, shopping, crafting, and games suitable for guests of all ages.

At the Forest Fair, you can look forward to witnessing our children and their families operating stalls and game stations of their own choice and design. Attendees can delight their taste buds with lovingly prepared food selections or explore their creative side at various arts and crafts booths, where intricate handmade items can be crafted as gifts or cherished keepsakes. Those seeking adventure can test their skills at the game stations in pursuit of meaningful souvenirs to cherish as mementos.

The Fair's entertainment lineup features exclusive storytelling sessions, captivating performances by the children of Greentree Montessori, and a range of engaging activities thoughtfully designed for the enjoyment of participants of all ages.

In addition to the diverse array of activities, Forest Fair also offers a shopping experience. You can explore a range of natural toys, books, unique artworks, and handmade gifts that appeal to both children and adults alike.

No prior registration is necessary! Feel free to walk in and join the fun!



Forest Fair 2023 has concluded. We look forward to seeing you at Forest Fair 2024!

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Forest Fair - Event Map

Forest Fair - Event Highlights

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Event Sale Items

Objectives of Forest Fair - Fundraising

Forest Fair serves as a fundraiser for the school, with its proceeds consistently directed towards enhancing the school's facilities and/or supporting charitable causes.

Over the years, the funds raised have enabled the school to accomplish various initiatives. These include the construction of its first outdoor classroom, a treehouse, the acquisition of books for the library, providing natural toys for the children, subsidizing parent-teacher workshops, and supporting a charity organization selected by the children, among other endeavors.

This year, the funds raised will be allocated to the continued construction of our dedicated Art Studio at Greentree Montessori.


While the funds raised in 2022 enabled us to construct one out of the two planned dedicated art studios, we are committed to completing the second one. This decision is driven by the tremendous success of Greentree Montessori's Children's Art Exhibition and the resounding enthusiasm of our children for such a facility.

The underlying concept of the Forest Fair draws inspiration from the idea that individual trees unite to form a forest when they stand together. Furthermore, it serves as an educational opportunity for our children to deepen their understanding of the importance of trees and forests while actively engaging in tree planting and conservation initiatives. In this spirit, we wholeheartedly encourage our young entrepreneurs to collaborate in pursuit of their goals, whether it involves constructing a new treehouse at school, establishing an art studio, or supporting a charitable cause.

Parent / Family Support for the Fair

We welcome and appreciate your support for the Forest Fair! Parents can contribute to the success of the event in several meaningful ways:

  1. Come to Forest Fair! Yes, its just that simple. Come and have fun!

  2. Operate a Stall with your children at the event! You can operate a stall together with your children. Ideas include Food & Beverage (F&B) booths, Craft booths, or Gift booths.

  3. Sponsor Items for Sale at the event. You can also support the fair by sponsoring items for sale during the event. Categories may include food, appropriate toys, educational items, health-related products/services, books, and more.

  4. Deliver a Performance if you have a special talent or skill such as magic performance, painting, storytelling, or any other form of entertainment, we encourage you to share it with the community during the fair.

  5. Join the Forest Fair Coordinating Team and take on responsibilities for event preparation, planning, and organization.

  6. Become a sponsor for Forest Fair's operations, supporting the construction of stalls, the procurement of stock by the children, the rental of equipment, and fundraising efforts. Sponsorship options include: