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Children's Art Exhibition 2022

Theme 5:


The Flow of Love and Legacy







The “flow of water” is metaphorical for putting effort steadily over time. It represents our continuous beauty, love, and sustenance. We hope that this steady flow will allow our children to be the beneficiaries of our legacy and efforts.


We allow children to discover how water flow by allowing them to dig irrigation trenches to create little streams in our garden. We also invite children to observe and experience water by using water in daily care of self and care of environment activities and to provide feedback on their experiences. Children are meticulous in their observations. The more subtle the change, the more they can perceive them.


Let’s use water to convey our love to all things. Together, let us say “I love you”!

Exhibits belonging to Theme 5

Exhibit 2 @ Area 1


River of Colours

Love is like an endlessly flowing river.

Exhibit 2.JPG

Exhibit 13 @ Area 2


Flowing Smoothly

Inspiration flows freely when children are creating.

Exhibit 13.JPG
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