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Admission Procedures

1. Individualized Tours


Visits to Greentree Montessori are by appointment only. Appointments will be scheduled according to our visiting hours. Please visit our Schedule a Tour page for more information regarding visiting hours. You may also make an appointment through the form on our website.
Our tours are limited to 30 minutes for each appointment. This is to ensure that there are minimal disruptions to classes. In order to give you our fullest attention, we would appreciate all appointments be made in advance.

2. Registration and Confirmation of Enrolment


The registration fee is $200 per child and is non-refundable. Registration forms are to be completed online via our Online Registration page.


Registrations are considered successful only upon payment of the registration fees.


Upon successful registration, your child will be guaranteed a slot on the school’s waiting list. You will be allowed to choose a preferred date of admission for your child. However, this will be subjected to the availability of vacancies, your child’s queue number on the waiting list, and available dates for admission based on the school’s admission planning.

3. Admission Requirement – Tuition Deposit


Within one month of your child’s date of admission, a tuition deposit equivalent to one month's tuition fee must be paid in full. 


Your child will not be allowed to start school if the school has not received your tuition deposit before your child’s admission date.


This tuition deposit is refundable if your child graduates naturally from Greentree Montessori, or if a one month’s withdrawal is submitted by the first day of any month.

4. Orientation or Home visits


Preschool Programs (for children 18 months to 6 years old.)

At Greentree Montessori, orientation sessions are designed for children to familiarize themselves to a new school environment with the confidence provided by the presence of their parents. It is not a trial class, and the child will not be receiving any learning instruction from the teachers during these sessions. Questions will be answered after the 1-hour session has ended. 


Every family will be allocated two orientation sessions which can be scheduled on any working weekday (less public and school holidays) in accordance to the respective school's policy, subject to the availability of date and time slots.


Orientation sessions will only be scheduled after successful registration and prior to the child's planned admission date.


Infant Programs (for children 2 months to 18 months old.)


At Greentree Montessori, home visits are required for your child’s Educarers to become familiar with your child’s home setting, the routine you have established for your child, and other details necessary in the care of your child. This is so that our Educarers can design and maintain an environment and routine that is consistent with what your child is used to, and to develop a personalised caregiving and learning experience for your child.

Home visits will only be scheduled after successful registration and will be held one week before your child’s admission date to ensure recency of information.



  1. Due to current COVID19 measures in Singapore which will end on 13 Jun 2021, no parents are allowed to enter the premises of the school. Hence, orientations will not be conducted until further updates.

  2. Due to COVID19 our home visits will only be conducted virtually, over video calls.

5. Enrolment Paperwork


Copies of official documents of both parents and child along with any documents relating to requests in financial subsidies must be submitted. Also, be prepared with information to answer detailed questions which will include your child's dietary, medical and lifestyle habits so that the school may cater to your child's every need.


Enrolment forms and all relevant documents must be completed and returned to the school office prior to the child's admission.

6. Acceptance


Families may be notified within 1 week from the date of admission if their child cannot be accepted for enrolment.


If a child is not accepted, the factors resulting in that decision will be communicated to the parent and any prepayments less registration fees will be refunded in full.


Our teachers are not trained to deal with severe learning, medical or emotional disorders. We can provide individualized instruction to meet the developmental needs of most children.


Criteria for Acceptance of New Students

  • The student's readiness and willingness to learn.

  • The parent's understanding and acceptance of our basic goals.

  • The student being the proper age.

Frequently Asked Questions

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