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With educators trained in the Montessori Method, the RIE (Resources for Infant Educarer) approach, and the Pikler approach, our young initiator program is built explicitly with the child in mind.

Here, children manage their own routines, tasks, and movements. They are facilitated by dedicated educators in a natural environment that is home-like and stimulating.

Young Initiator

18 Months to 3 Years Old

Key Focuses of the Young Initiator program are:


Practical life skills

  • Practice of respect and freedom

  • Care of self 

  • Care of the environment

  • Develop concentration and coordination

Sensorial Education

  • Refinement of the 5 senses

  • Tools to interpret the world

  • Develop sense of order

Language Education

  • Inspire positive communication

  • Listening skills

  • Language association and exposure

Cultural Education

  • Science and discovery

  • Peace education

  • Music and Arts

This program is available at the following locations:

Greentree Montessori Children Hub

  • 4 Hour Program

  • Half Day Program

  • Full Day Program

Greentree Montessori Children Cottage

  • 4 Hour Program

  • Half Day Program

  • Full Day Program

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