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Mathematics Ready, forever.

Learning should always be time spent on "getting it" and Montessori's Mathematics materials accomplishes just that.

With remarkable concrete tools to allow for fun exploration of mathematical concepts, allow your child to join us to build strong foundations in numeracy and logical thinking that will persist through their life.  

Mathematics Mastery Program

 3 Years Old and above

This program consists of 4 levels with each consisting of 8 sessions:


Level 1 - Foundation

  • Number concept

  • Linear counting

  • Addition & subtraction

  • Geometry

Level 2 - Advance

  • Skip counting

  • Decimal system 1 - 1000

  • Multiplication & division

Level 3 - Mastery

  • Word Problems

  • Passage to abstraction

  • Memory games

Upon the completion of level 3, students may book individual sessions to utilize the Montessori mathematics materials for their needs.

Upcoming class schedule:

Please contact us for more information on upcoming classes

This program is available at the following locations:

Greentree Edufamily

  • Wednesdays, 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM

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