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Giving your child the keys to effective communication

Language shouldn't just be about phonics and spelling. It should be about the ability to communicate and to have conversations.


Your child will discover the ease and enjoyment of reading and penmanship while engaging in lessons that are culturally rich and abundant

Montessori Language Program

 3 years old and above

This program consists of 3 levels with each consisting of 8 sessions:


Level 1 - Foundation

  • Basic penmanship

  • Introduction to phonics & phonograms

  • Classification of Nomenclature

Level 2 - Advance

  • Introduction to the written language

  • Descriptive speech

  • Basic grammar

Level 3 - Mastery

  • Story writing

  • Reading

  • Speech & Drama

Upon the completion of level 3, students may book individual sessions to utilize the Montessori language materials for their needs.

Upcoming class schedule:


Please contact us for more information

This program is available at the following locations:

Greentree Edufamily

  • Wednesdays, 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM

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