Forest Fair

For over 20 years, Greentree Montessori’s Forest Fair has been a gift for our children, our alumni and the community. Hosted by the children, teachers and parents of Greentree Montessori, it is a playful day of laughter, fun and memorable experiences. Attended by guests and visitors from all over Singapore, new and returning friends come together to enjoy the company of each other and the rich activities created for this special day.

Greentree Montessori’s Forest Fair brings together the inspiration and ideas of children to present their best creations, workmanship and enterprising spirit to the community. The fair features feasting, shopping, crafting activities and games for guests of all ages. 

At the Forest Fair, look forward to see our children and their families run stalls and game stations of their choice and design. Fair-goers can fill their stomach and indulge in lovingly prepared food selections or get creative at various arts and crafts booths making intricate handmade items to give or keep as gifts. Adventurous individuals may try their skills at the game stations to attempt to win meaningful souvenirs to keep as a memento.

Entertainment at the Fair includes special storytelling sessions by our teachers, performance items by the children of Greentree Montessori as well as face painting and balloon twisting.

In addition to the multitude of activities, Forest Fair also features shopping! Showcasing natural toys, books, unique art pieces and handmade gifts enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

Since the year 2020, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have turned Forest Fair into an Online event.

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How to enjoy Forest Fair 2021


Forest Fair 2021 will encompass the following THREE event segments.


Forest Fair Livestream

Hosted by Greentree Montessori’s very own teachers! Tune in for a live coverage of events happening in school on this day and enjoy various snippets of our children working and playing hard to make forest fair a success!


This event will be Livestreamed on Facebook. You can also view the livestream on our website HERE.


Online Marketplace

Head to Forest Fair’s online webstore to browse through a variety of handmade toys and games designed and created by the children and teachers, as well as items donated for sale from the families of Greentree Montessori.


You can also find courses and books on sale at the fair. Do look out for a book authored by our very own founder, Ms Charmaine Soh, which will be on sale for the very first time!


Our webstore can be accessed HERE!


Livestream of Children's Day Celebrations

On this day, our children are celebrating Children’s day and they will be participating in various fun and games throughout the day.


Tune in to our livestream HERE for live coverage of some of the children's day games played in school!

Please note:

  • From 09:30am to 11:30pm, all three event segments will happen concurrently.​​​


  • Parental supervision is recommended for all Video Call events, and Online Shopping.

  • Items on sale have limited stock because every item is hand-crafted by the students of Greentree Montessori.

How to make purchases


This year, due to the online nature of the event, all transactions at the Forest Fair will be made via the following methods:

  • Credit/Debit Cards

  • Paypal

  • Alipay

If you are unable to use the above mentioned payment gateways, you can make payment by using the SG QR code (depicted on the left).

If you are using the SG QR code, kindly indicate the purpose of your payment and contact number in the comments. 

Please also drop a screenshot of your transaction to our school's hotline 9011 4345 so that we can respond to you immediately. Thank you.

Should you require any refunds due to payment errors, etc, kindly drop us an email at and we will respond to you at the end of the Forest Fair 2021 event.

Partner Charity

Organization for 2020


SHINE Children and Youth Services is a registered charity and a member of National Council of Social Service.


Since 1976 SHINE have been serving vulnerable children, youth and their families in Singapore and have remain committed to enabling them to maximize their potential. 


SHINE serves around 5,000 students, aged 5-21 years old, each year. The work they do helps to build young lives, enhances their resilience and SHINE the light of hope for their future.

​In order to achieve this, SHINE will reach out to vulnerable Children, Youth and their Families through the following initiatives:

  • School-based, Centre-based and Community-based Social Work;

  • Educational Psychology Programmes;

  • And Targeted Interventions


To find out more about SHINE, you may visit their website at:

Other Information


Any discounts will be made known during the fair's Live Event!


Purpose of Fund-Raising

The Forest Fair is a fund-raiser for the school and its proceeds has always gone towards improving the school.


Previously, funds raised have allowed the school to build its first outdoor classroom, a treehouse, purchased books for the library, natural toys for the children, and subsidized parent/teacher workshops among many other endeavors.


50% of the proceeds will go towards charity. 

Parent / Family Support for the Fair

We welcome your support! If you are interested in lending your support,

please contact our team at 9011 4345.