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Greentree Montessori’s 30th Anniversary yearbook is now available for sale!

Titled “Time is the Best Teacher 岁月是最好的老师”, this yearbook chronicles the journey of Greentree Montessori from year 1990 to 2022. It contains memories of the school’s students, teachers, families, and friends over the decades using pictures and narrative texts. It also provides an rare window into the educational programs, professional events, and initiatives for the community that are unique to Greentree Montessori.


Why should you buy this book?


You should buy this book because it will enable all past, present, and future families, friends, students, and teachers of Greentree Montessori to fully understand what the school is all about and how it has survived 30 years.


From this yearbook, you will be able to understand the spark that drives Greentree Montessori. You will get to know the people behind the school, its philosophy and methodology, as well as the school’s various initiatives to serve children, their families, and the community.


Greentree Montessori’s goal is to fulfil every child’s only childhood. Find out how we do this everyday by purchasing this book now!

Time is the Best Teacher 岁月是最好的老师

  • This book is a publication of Greentree Montessori.

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