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Since 1995, Greentree Montessori's Forest Fair has been a vibrant celebration of community, creativity, and nature in Singapore. This year, let your child become part of the wilderness with our stunning Leopard Costume, perfect for embracing the spirit of the fair's nature-themed festivities!


Variations: 2 sets are available 

  1. Leopard Costume Set A

  2. Leopard Costume Set B


Size & Fitting

Suitable for children 3 to 6 years old. 


Perfect for the Forest Fair:

Still searching for that ideal costume? Our Leopard Costume is here to end your quest! This outfit is not just a costume; it's a gateway for your child to step into the role of a graceful leopard, sparking their imagination and helping them make lasting memories.


Make This Forest Fair Unforgettable!

Don’t wait any longer - order now and watch your child blend into the Forest Fair with elegance and excitement. With limited stocks available, ensure your child stands out in this beautifully designed Leopard Costume. Let them prowl, play, and have the time of their lives at Greentree Montessori’s Forest Fair!

Captivating Leopard Costume for Children

  • This item is brought to you by Greentree Montessori for Forest Fair 2023.

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