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Forest Fair

For over 25 years, Greentree Montessori’s Forest Fair has been a gift for our children, our alumni and the community. Hosted by the children, teachers and parents of Greentree Montessori, it is a playful day of laughter, fun and memorable experiences. Attended by guests and visitors from all over Singapore, new and returning friends come together to enjoy the company of each other and the rich activities created for this special day.

Greentree Montessori’s Forest Fair brings together the inspiration and ideas of children to present their best creations, workmanship and enterprising spirit to the community. The fair features feasting, shopping, crafting activities and games for guests of all ages. 

At the Forest Fair, look forward to see our children and their families run stalls and game stations of their choice and design. Fair-goers can fill their stomach and indulge in lovingly prepared food selections or get creative at various arts and crafts booths making intricate handmade items to give or keep as gifts. Adventurous individuals may try their skills at the game stations to attempt to win meaningful souvenirs to keep as a memento.

Entertainment at the Fair includes special storytelling sessions by our teachers, performance items by the children of Greentree Montessori as well as face painting and balloon twisting.

In addition to the multitude of activities, Forest Fair also features shopping! Showcasing natural toys, books, unique art pieces and handmade gifts enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Forest Fair had became an online livestreaming event.


This year, we are proud to announce that Forest Fair 2022 will be an in-person event once again!

Forest Fair 2022 Poster.jpg
Forest Fair 2022 Event Schedule.jpg

Other Information


The Forest Fair is a fund-raiser for the school and its proceeds has always gone towards improving the school and for charity.


Previously, funds raised have allowed the school to build its first outdoor classroom, a treehouse, purchased books for the library, natural toys for the children and subsidized parent/teacher workshops among many other endeavors.

This year, the funds raised will go towards the construction of dedicated Art Studios at both schools! This was commissioned after the tremendous success of Greentree Montessori's Children's Art Exhibition and the resounding enthusiasm of our children for such a facility.

Parent / Family Support for the Fair

We welcome your support! Parents may choose to support the Forest Fair in the following ways:

  • Operate a stall with your children (F&B booths, Craft booths or Gift booths)

  • Sponsor items for sale during the fair. Categories include food, appropriate toys, educational items, health related products/services, books, etc

  • Deliver a Performance (Magic Performance, Painting, Storytelling, etc)

Visit Forest Fair 2021's Webpage here!

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