Forest Fair 2020

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Forest Fair 2020


Thank you for your tremendous support towards our school and partner charity for 2020, Tzu Chi Singapore.

The marketplace will still be available for the coming days.

All proceeds after 11 July will still go towards our partner charity.


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Online Classes

All Live Online Classes have ended. Watch the replays of the lessons here!

Please note that upon the purchase of these "replay" online class videos, our team will contact you to arrange for the delivery of the materials needed for this lesson so that you can complete the lesson at home!

Partner Charity

Organization for 2020

Founded by Master Cheng Yen in 1966, Tzu Chi Foundation’s humble beginnings in Taiwan has spread to more than 90 nations worldwide.

The organisation focuses its efforts on its Four Missions of “Charity”, “Medicine”, “Education”, and “Humanistic Culture”. These missions have now further extended to include Bone Marrow Donation, International Relief, Environmental Protection, and Community Volunteerism.

Volunteer-based and funded by public donations, Tzu Chi is committed to the betterment of humanity in the spirit of Great Love. Its global network of volunteers work directly with people in need, providing care and aid with a selfless love that transcends race, nationality, language, and religion.


Tzu Chi Singapore, established in 1993, continues these initiatives. Operating free clinics, rehabilitation centres, schools, and youth centres, they work towards providing direct aid and care to underprivileged and disadvantaged communities. Most recently, they have been active in the care of lives affected by COVID-19 nationwide.


Our donation to their Charity Development Fund will support the following causes:


  1. Local charity programmes, such as emergency/long-term aid, healthcare and educational assistance to needy individuals and families

  2. Free medical services for the underprivileged community

  3. Promotion of humanistic culture and education

  4. Expenses incurred in furtherance of the Foundation’s missions and objectives